1800mAh Rechargeable Atomized Defroster Thawing Tray Quick Defrosting Box Kitchen Thawing Board for Frozen Meat Fish Veggies


Product Description
Product Name:Defrosting Box
Product Size:32*24.5*19.5 cm
Net weight:1.7 kg
Material:Food grade PET/ABS , Aviation alloy
Battery capacity:1800 mAh
Charging time:2-4 hours
Color:Gray, Gold
Feature:Thawing the frozen food

About this item:
* Upgrade thawing plate: The new thawing plate has a built-in 1800mAh battery, one-key start, USB charging and long battery life. Compared with ordinary Defrosting Tray, it can defrost frozen food faster and better, helping you save time and ensure the freshness of food.
* Safe and healthy: The thawing device is composed of ABS food-grade transparent cover and high-density aviation aluminum thawing plate. The heat conduction through the thawing plate can speed up the thawing of food. It is more hygienic and healthier than using a microwave oven or immersing them in water to thaw, and it is safer to use.
* Ultrasonic atomization: Intelligent ultrasonic atomization releases negative oxygen ions in a cold and low temperature
environment, which can firmly lock the nutrition and flavor of food, and always keep food fresh and tender without loss of water.
* Large space: meat defrost size: 32*24.5*19.5cm, large three-dimensional space, suitable for large pieces of meat or fish, even a whole chicken. Moreover, the defroster has a 360° circulating cooling system, which can be thawed in all directions without manual turning over, which is more convenient to use.
* Easy to clean: The groove design of Jiahuangpu thawing plate can be connected with the change and will not stain the
countertop. And the whole is detachable, just separate the main unit, you can easily clean the cover and chassis.

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