2022 Wholesale Ready Stock Leather Double-deck Dice Tray jewelry Tray for Key Coin Change Phone Wallet


Product Description

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 Wholesale  Ready Stock Leather Double-deck Dice Tray  jewelry Tray for Key Coin Change Phone Wallet

Material : pu leather 

Size : S 15*15 cm  M 20*20 CM  L 25*25 CM 

Feature :

1.Good quality: these dice rolling holder made by thick PU leather  durable and effective, can be used for a long time.

2.Easy to use and clean: each dice holder with 4 sets of snaps in the corner, just clip it on with little effort, the dice won't easily escape from the tray, the good quality PU leather

3.dust proof and very easy to cleanVarious usages: simple and generic construction, easy to carry and storage, 4 snaps help unfold to put on table or anywhere when don't use the tray, also can be applied to hold watches, jewelry, keys, coins, candy, little accessories or dice tray


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