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Vegetable Chopper and Dicer
ABS+Stainless steel
Cut into pieces, slice, shred, grind minced garlic.


1. This vegetable container has a water filtering function to help you quickly clean the cut vegetables, lets you hold prepared vegetables in the veggie chopper until you are ready to begin cooking.
2. 7 blades are made of food-grade ABS and stainless steel so they retain their razor sharpness slice after slice. And they are superior break resistance, ultra-sharp, strong and durable and thus you have no trouble cutting vegetables or fruits.
3.Soft grip handle with rubberized enhances leverage while the non-skid base ensures stability during use.
4.Has a water filtering function to help you quickly clean the cut vegetables.
5.With a cleaning brush, can easily remove food residues, cleaning simple and convenient.
6.Convenient to Use:
When you need to cut a lot of vegetables,the veggie Chopper can solve your kitchen problems, dice anything from onions,carrots, cucumbers etc. with just one simple movement. Suitable for cutting onion, carrot, cucumber, potato,pepper, zucchini, beet, apple, strawberry, etc.

How to Use:

1. Cut the vegetables into small pieces;
2. Put the vegetables on the blade;
3. Press the cutting lid to chop vegetables;
4. And then you're done cutting vegetables.

Warm Tips:

1. The blade of the slicer vegetable cutter is sharp, so be careful to be scratched during use and cleaning.
2. To cut softer vegetables or fruits such as tomatoes and peppers, we recommend using a larger dice blade to cut it.
3. For vegetables and fruits with a hard skin, peel it off first, then it's can make you easy to cut it.

Uncut food:
1. The pulp contains filaments, such as celery; 2. The skin is soft, such as eggplant. (you can peel off the eggplant skin and then cut it) 3. Vegetables with too hard texture: such as pumpkin and sweet potato; 4. The pulp is fragile, such as lemon; 5. Soft vegetables, such as tomatoes.

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